Client Testimonials

We were referred to Donahue Restoration by some church friends and we were extremely pleased with theri customer service, professionalism, flexibility, and attention to detail. They worked on both of our vehicles in the last month; air conditioning with our Yukon, and the bumper on our Accord. Rob was wonderful in figuring out what was wrong with our Yukon (instead of just guessing and charging us for the more expensive option), and then fixing it quick and doing it right the first time (to save us cost on labor). Both vehicles were done well and in a timely manner. Rob and his team were easy and enjoyable to work with; and did an awesome job on both vehicles (our bumper looks brand new; a perfect paint match! and our air conditioning works again!) The best part is that it didn’t cost us a ton of money to get our cars fixed! We would HIGHLY recommend Donahue Restoration for any of your car/truck needs or repairs!
Carie Morelock
Rob and his family-owned shop did a great job fixing body wok on our car, plus they also fixed another small problem, all for very fair price.
D. Ward
Rob fixed a dent in my Subaru’s door. It is like new. I was impresssed with the customer service and efficiency. I will definitely go back for future repairs.
Jamie Robyn
So relieved and thankful to find an honest and down to earth place to fix my car. So affordable and unbelievably fast! Rob fixed my car window and mirror in less than 20 minutes! Thank you!
Lindsey Underway
I should have done this review a year ago but just remembered to when my friend needed a recommendation for auto repair. Rob did such a fantastic job on my CRV last year when an uninsured driver caused a decent amount of damage to my vehicle. It looked great, prices were fair, he was fast, and he worked with my insurance company whick took a lot of stress out of such an unfortunate situation. Stick with these guys and always support local!
Laura Kelley
I have nothing but positive feed back for Donahue Restoration. A family owned business that treated my car like their own. They were super efficient and dealt with insurance company for me when they had to resubmit a supplemental estimate. I highly recommend bringing your car here for any body work it may need. Again I am so happy with my car and their service. It’s hard to find such a great place with both great service and great work but Donahue has them both. Thanks Again!
Tarin Allen
I love this place.
Sergio Castillo
Rob did an unbelievable great job on my 1967 Dodge Truck, he replied the door jam, dixed the latch, the window, aligned then. All in one day. Best body shop experience ever. And they are great to work with. 100% recommend.
Rock Clingman
Please tell Ur hubby I just saw my truck for the first time, and OMG it looks amazing now I havta do the rest of the truck,he did an amazing job!!!! Thank him for me!!!
Rebecca Parisi Nemec
Rob Donahue got my car in and out in 2 days. My ford Fusion was damaged by a 3rd party auto transport Co. and I was stuck with the repair cost out of my pocket. Rob & Co. Did a great job.
Erik J.
Great work, great people and very reasonably priced. Thank you!
Kevin Elridge
I just had purchased my car three weeks before I hit the deer. Donahue made my car look like it did when I drove it off the lot! I give em 5 stars out of 5!
Krista Kuban
Thank you for making an unpleasant circumstance (getting run into) completely painless, in terms of getting my car repaired! You did a beautiful job on the car and i really appreciate the quick turnaround and the ride to the bus stop after i dropped the car off! You all are great and i will happily recommend you to my friends. Thank you, thank you!!
Michelle Sturm
My husband Gary and I have known Rob at Donahue Restoration for the past 5 years. He has assisted us with various needs and projects including paint restoration, paint matching, mechanical work and dent repair. Rob is extremely experienced, easy to work with, reasonably priced and the quality of his work is impeccable. We highly recommend him to all of our family and friends....and you should too!
Michelle Weilbach-Bales
If your looking for outstanding work, Go to Donahue Restoration. Looks better then I could picture it.
Darrel Clark
Dear Rob, Jen and crew. It is with great humbleness, for what you and your crew have done for my son that it's hard to express my sincere gratitude. After Chris wrecked his '65 Chevy van, I knew he was devastated because he loved that van more than any other car he's owned.his '68 Mustang included. He told me several times the van was totaled and he'd never drive it again. After I saw it in your storage lot, I knew it would take a Herculean effort to put that van back on the streets. Fortunately, he has you as a great friend - without all your effort, time, body work, paint and finishing on the van, not to mention the money I'm certain came out of your pocket, it's hard to figure out a way to THANK YOU for doing what you did.I know it means a great deal to Chris, and it does to me as well. AND The van looks better than it ever did. One more time, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU for all you've done for Chris.
Roger Jetter, Author of Bangin' Gears & Bustin' Heads (Kindle version), Fast Cars, 4-speeds & Fist-fights (Kindle version), Recollections Regrets & Random Acts, Accidents & Incidents, Faded Thunder Now available on Kindle: Arsenal Code R.E.D.
My experience with Donahue Restoration is very short and sweet. One day I was in the neighborhood of the shop actually... looking for someone that I had visited sometime ago and they were already closed. I happened to see Mr. Donahue walking around outside of His business and decided to ask Him: "how much He would charge me to reattach my front bumper to the right side of my car?" After looking at it for a few minutes he said: "NOTHING, because I want to help you, it won't be esthetically pleasing but it will get you by". To which I said: "that's fine, I'm thankful and grateful for that until I'm in a financial position to get it fixed". That was so touching to me because it seems as if there is a lack of people who want to help others. That has been one of my "why's" for as long as I've been in business myself. Help others get what they want and you will get what you want! Thank you Mr. Donahue and have an AMAZING DAY!
Monica G. Bryant-Taylor
I had the opportunity to bring my 1996 Ford Bronco to Donahue just a... few weeks ago. The front end of the frame was tweaked and needed to be straightened out. The vehicle also needed an alignment. I searched through Craigslist for a frame shop and found about a dozen. After a few hours of sending out requests with pictures of the damage I started getting answers back. Donahue was one of the first to respond. I rejected a few because of their high estimate, and a few more due to other various reasons. What pushed Donahue over the top was their fast response, very professional website, and the fact that they support our troops by offering a discount for them. I am a vet so that is very important to me. When I dropped my Bronco off the shop was closed. Rob was waiting for me and another customer before he left for the day. We talked for a bit and he showed me his frame rack and how it worked (I was curious) and even turned the lights in the shop back on so my kids could use the bathroom. The final product was perfect. Donahue Restoration did a great job with my Bronco getting it all straightened back out. Rob went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. I would HIGHLY recommend Donahue Restoration to all of my friends and family and anyone else looking for any kind of body repair or restoration. Thank you guys for treating me right and supporting our troops! You guys have earned my future business and I will point as many people to you as I can! Thank you again.
Brandon Sewall
The man has some chops. The real deal.
Jay Silver
Work is awesome!!! My truck is looking great and will do well in the shows.
Ron Harvey
If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.
Red Adair
Actually, I really wanted to compliment your establishment on a job well done. My wife stopped in yesterday 2/28/14 to see if she could get her side view mirror replaced. She was greeted by Rob and he took care of her most expediently. Had her up and running in about 20 minutes, I'm told. She was VERY pleased with the service. Thanks for the great service, we had been trying to get it fixed for some time. I got as far as taking two screws out of the door panel and punked out quickly.
Alton Bell
Congrats guys!! love the website not as much as I love my car but I am happy for you guys and can see nothing but good things for you guys in the future. Oh yeah nice pic of me throwing my 80010 sign!!!
Andy Shields