Our Work Speaks for Itself

Ford Falcon

1979 Jeep J-20 (Jeep Honcho)

1980 Chevy Impala

Fiat Spider

Model A

2007 Infinity G35

1997 Nissan 240SX


1994 GMC Truck (Blue)

Subaru BRZ

If the pictures don’t do it for you, read these.

Dear Rob, Jen and crew. It is with great humbleness, for what you and your crew have done for my son that it’s hard to express my sincere gratitude. After Chris wrecked his ’65 Chevy van, I knew he was devastated because he loved that van more than any other car he’s owned.his ’68 Mustang included. He told me several times the van was totaled and he’d never drive it again. After I saw it in your storage lot, I knew it would take a Herculean effort to put that van back on the streets. Fortunately, he has you as a great friend – without all your effort, time, body work, paint and finishing on the van, not to mention the money I’m certain came out of your pocket, it’s hard to figure out a way to THANK YOU for doing what you did.I know it means a great deal to Chris, and it does to me as well. AND The van looks better than it ever did. One more time, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU for all you’ve done for Chris.

Roger Jetter, Author

My experience with Donahue Restoration is very short and sweet. One day I was in the neighborhood of the shop actually… looking for someone that I had visited sometime ago and they were already closed. I happened to see Mr. Donahue walking around outside of His business and decided to ask Him: “how much He would charge me to reattach my front bumper to the right side of my car?” After looking at it for a few minutes he said: “NOTHING, because I want to help you, it won’t be esthetically pleasing but it will get you by”. To which I said: “that’s fine, I’m thankful and grateful for that until I’m in a financial position to get it fixed”. That was so touching to me because it seems as if there is a lack of people who want to help others. That has been one of my “why’s” for as long as I’ve been in business myself. Help others get what they want and you will get what you want! Thank you Mr. Donahue and have an AMAZING DAY!

Monica G. Bryant-Taylor